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Space Robotics Challenge Phase 2


The Space Robotics Challenge Phase 2 (SRC2) is a two year NASA Centennial Challenge in which teams compete to solve challenging problems that are posed by NASA. SRC2 challenges teams to develop technologies to enable lunar rovers to have increased levels of autonomy when performing tasks such as resource localization and retrieval. During the qualification rounds, teams are competing in three rounds to perform: resource localization, resource collection and autonomous self-localization. After the first year, twenty-five qualifying teams will be awarded prize money of up to $15,000 to continue. A year later, a competition round will be held in which teams compete for a first place prize of $185,000.

Team Goal

Strengthen West Virginia University robotics through winning the SRC2 competition.

Team Objectives

  1. Develop a diverse group of robotics leaders at WVU.

  2. Capture knowledge acquired during our participation in SRC2 in a shareable manner for the benefit of WVU robotics and the outside world.


Team Mountaineers 1 of 22 teams that qualifies for finals and 1 of 6 teams that is awarded $15,000 in the qualification round.
WVU Statler Let's Go Engineers! Podcast
WVU Press Release
NASA Press Release

Pre-print of IEEE AES Systems Magazine Paper about Qual Solution

Team Mountaineers named 6th place winner and is awarded $30,000.  Of the 114 that started the competition, only 7 solutions completed the challenge by completing the mission with a score above the competition threshold.
NASA Press Release
WVU Press Release

Team Mountaineers with $30,000 check

09-16-20  Submitted for Qualification Rounds

03-15-20 Pre-Competition Team Report