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Space Robotics Challenge Phase 2
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Qualification Round Team

  • Jason Gross

    “To become a better leader of a large and diverse team seeking to solve complex research problems.”

  • Cagri Kilic

    “To become a more effective problem solver in the planetary robotics exploration field and enhance my programming skills.”

  • Bernardo Martinez Rocamora Junior

    “Be part of a team, develop new skills, and be challenged.”

  • Christopher Tatsch

    "To improve my knowledge on multi robot systems and simulation while contributing to the field of planetary robotics exploration."

  • Derek Ross

    “To improve my research abilities and contribute to the future of space robotics”

  • Shounak Das

    "To study and improve autonomy in robotics applications and beyond."

  • Guilherme Pereira

    “To apply the robotics research I’m doing in a planetary exploration application and to work in a diverse and motivated team of young researchers.”

  • Jared Strader

    "To solve challenging research problems on a motivated team and contribute to the knowledge and capabilities of robotics at WVU."

  • Chizhao Yang

    “To train myself to be a good robotic researcher and to improve my coding skill”

  • Nicholas Ohi

    “To improve the knowledge and capabilities of WVU Robotics, helping members to become experts and leaders in the worldwide robotics community.”

  • Jared Beard

    "To better understand decision making, in particular, its role in robotic interactions and systems design"

  • Yu Gu

    "To find different solutions to problems we think we know how to solve."

  • Matteo De Petrillo

    "Join a new experience, work with a team and improve knowledge on robotics systems for space exploration."

  • Trevor Smith

    “To familiarize myself with ROS and improve my understanding of multiagent systems.”

  • Rogerio Lima

    “To sharpen my skills by working on tightly constrained problems in space exploration robotics.”